About Us

Laser Innovations supplies laser cut and engraved parts to customers in many industries. Since our start in 1993 with a custom built laser cutting system that Bob Kartman built from a surplus 25 watt CO2 medical laser and an early Kern Lasers and Electronics xy plotter table, we have continued to enhance our capabilities to meet our customers needs. 

Bob initially started Laser Innovations to produce custom cut radio controlled model airplane kits from plans provided by individual modelers, model manufacturers, and magazine plans services. Our original cutting files were created by tracing drawings into DesignCad with a 12” x 18” digitizing tablet. We progressed to scanning and digitizing with DesignCad and eventually started using Corel Draw’s CorelTrace to enhance and accelerate the process. 

In 2015, after serving the model airplane kit market for 22 years, Laser Innovations discontinued kit cutting when Bob’s dad Al could no longer run the model cutting service after being diagnosed with ALS. We continued to invest our time and energy in commercial and industrial laser cutting and engraving services. We are thankful to have been able to serve so many customers over the years, especially Ray Hayes’ Skybench Aerotech, Don Stackhouse and Joe Hahn’s DJ Aerotech, Larry Katona’s Precision Cut Kits, as well as Wendell Hostetler’s Plans, and others.

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